Square du Temple in historical Paris

The Square du Temple is located in the heart of the Marais.

Square du Temple, man-made cascade and flowerbed
Man-made cascade and flowerbed

You’ll find it opposite the Carreau du Temple and the town hall of the 3rd district (Mairie du 3eme Arrondissement).

The small public garden was landscaped on the site of the Enclos du Temple, the fortified monastery the Knights Templar built in the 13th century.

The Order settled there after the capture of St. Jean d’Acre by the Muslims and the definitive loss of Palestine in 1281.

Their fortified monastery consisted of a multitude of outbuildings, shops, workshops and dwellings laid-out around a massive keep or donjon and a church and encompassed within a tall and thick rampart.

Square du Temple with Carreau du Temple in the background
Pond with Carreau du Temple in the background

Generations of common people and craftsmen lived and worked there under their protection.

The Enclos du Temple was a city inside the city.

King Philip the Fair eventually resented the Order’s ever-growing power and immense wealth as a threat to his authority.

It had the Order dissolved in 1313; he seized their assets and sentenced the Great Master to be burnt at the stake in 1314.

He bequeathed the Enclos du Temple to the Hospitallers of St-John of Jerusalem, who altered the layout of the rampart during the 17th century to build a palace.

Square du Temple, a public garden

The religious establishment became State property during the French Revolution.

The palace and the outbuildings were later bequeathed to a Benedictine community, then served as army barracks from 1848 to 1853 and were pulled down.

Square du Temple, pond and music stand
Pond and music stand

In 1865 Haussmann, the prefect of Paris, commissioned the engineer Alphand with the landscaping of the public garden.

Alphand had the pond and man-made waterfall built with rocks brought from the forest of Fontainebleau.

He planted exotic trees and bushes along the paths that twist between flower beds and lawns and lead to a stunning music kiosk and guard booth.

Both original structures are still in place and are a perfect illustration of the elaborate style of the Second Empire.

Several benches, scattered here and there, will allow you to take a break and enjoy the vista.

Opening hours Square du Temple: 8am-9.30pm or 8.30pm or  7.30pm depending on the season

Directions: 3rd district
Metro: Temple on Line 3
Velib’ stations: #3005-3006-3007

Coordinates: Lat 48.864304 – Long 2.361835

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