Crécy-en-Ponthieu is the site of the battle that opposed Edward III of England to Philippe VI of France on August 26, 1346.

Croix du Bourg in Crécy-en-Ponthieu
Croix du Bourg

The Battle of Crécy was one of the most decisive battles in the history of France, as it ended in the tragic defeat of the French army.

It also marked the beginning of the Hundred Years War.

The former battlefield is located just outside the village.

It is now a vast cultivated field that hasn’t kept track of this distant conflict.

However, you’ll find three memorials.

The first is the observation tower.

It replaces the mill from which Edward III followed the conduct of the battle.

The second is the Cross of Bohemia, on the outskirts of the village.

It pays tribute to Jean I of Luxembourg, King of Bohemia, who died sword in hand, fighting alongside the French.

Finally, the third is the Monument Jean of Luxembourg, in the village.

Monument Jean de Luxembourg

This monument, dedicated to the great men, was erected in 1905 on the village square (Place Jean of Luxembourg).

An international subscription was conducted in France, Bohemia and Luxembourg in order to finance its creation.

Cross of Bohemia - Battle of Crecy en Ponthieu
Cross of Bohemia – Battle of Crecy en Ponthieu

The monument honours the memory of the blind Jean de Luxembourg, who despite his blindness took take part in combat while commanding the rear guard.

Emmanuel Fontaine (1856-1935) sculpted this monument.

Fontaine, a sculptor nationally acclaimed, created several memorials for the department of the Somme.

The base of the memorial bears the following dedication:

A Jean de Luxembourg et roi de Bohême et à ses vaillants compagnons d’armes morts pour la France à Crécy le 26 aout 1346.”

“To Jean of Luxembourg, King of Bohemia, and his valiant companions in arms who died for France at Crécy on August 26, 1346.”

” A la mémoire des Français morts en défendant leur patrie le 26 Août 1346 / Souscription Internationale / France Bohême Luxembourg 1905″

“To the memory of the French who died defending the fatherland on 26 Août 1346 / International Subscription / Bohemia France Luxembourg 1905”

La Croix du Bourg

La Croix du Bourg is a stone and brick cross located near the memorial to John of Luxembourg.

However, it is not a memorial of the Battle of Crécy.

In fact no one knows its origin!

La Croix du Bourg of Crécy-en-Ponthieu is a three-level monument placed on a rectangular base.

The first two levels are square-shaped; a column with capital adorns each corner.

The upper level is cylindrical.

The wrought iron cross that once topped it has left way to a sculpted pine cone.

This cross is one of the most enigmatic monuments of the department of the Somme!

Some believe that the inhabitants of Crécy-en-Ponthieu built it in the Middle Ages when the village was granted the status of municipality.

Others believe that the Croix du Bourg is a Lantern of Dead.

However, these are just suppositions, as we know nothing about it, not even its date of erection! 

Somme department – Picardie
Coordinates Crécy-en-Ponthieu: Lat 50.252468 – Long 1.882892

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