Les Sables d’Or les Pins seaside resort

Les Sables d'Or
Cap Fréhel in the distance

Les Sables d’Or, one of the seaside resorts on the Côte d’Emeraude, is a stone’s throw from Cap Fréhel.

Nestled among pines and dunes, it boasts a vast beach of fine sand considered one of the finest in Brittany.

This didn’t escape Roland Brouard in the 1920s!

Brouard, a real estate agent from St-Malo, indeed purchased 100 hectares of deserted coastline in order to developed the resort.

He named his resort Les Sables d’Or les Pins, which literally translates as Golden Sands among the Pines.

Les Sables d'Or
Guess why this coastline is known as Côte d’Emeraude!

Soon appeared prestigious villas and hotels, water sports facilities, tennis courts and golf course similar to those in La Baule, Deauville or Le Touquet.

The first hotel, the Camping House, was built in 1924; the golf course was inaugurated in 1925 and the casino in 1927.

A railway line was even built in 1924 in order to connect the resort with the Paris-Brest line.

However, the Sables d’Or-Brest line was eventually abandoned in 1950.

The resort attracted wealthy Parisians and foreigners, mostly English, as Brouard had planned and expected.

Les Sables d’Or today

Unfortunately the Crash of 1929 put an abrupt end to his enterprise.

Les Sables d'Or Art Deco architecture
Art Deco architecture

Indeed, Brouard went bankrupt and died penniless in 1934.

A memorial stone engraved with his motto pays tribute to this outstanding entrepreneur:

“Live to act, act to create, create to live”.

Les Sables d’Or resort was revamped after WWII, however, struggled to recover.

The development of tourism in the last 30 years triggered the renewal of the resort.

Les Sables d’Or has today recovered the prestige of its heyday!

It was entirely revamped in 2007 and was inaugurated on 13-14 July for the beginning of the summer season.

Les Sables d'Or Casino

Water sports, an 18-hole golf course, an equestrian centre, tennis courts, restaurants, cafes and the casino indeed turn Les Sables d’Or into a destination of choice.

Sadly, the little resort is almost deserted during the winter as all facilities are closed (as in so many of these small coastal resorts!)

It is therefore best to visit during the holidays season.

Nevertheless, the deserted beach is still beautiful, may be more authentic when it is only inhabited by gulls and cormorants!

The surrounding moors offer an unlimited palette of colours as the gorse, heather, brooms and various wild flowers are in full bloom in spring and autumn.

Les Sables d’Or is undoubtedly one of the best hidden secrets of the region.

Coordinates: Lat 48.639236 – Long -2.403849

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