Children of the World – Contemporary sculptures

Children of the World is a series of 21 sculptures representing 21 children from 21 different countries.

Children of the World - Titi - Paris
Titi – Paris

The sculptures are located in the Parc de Bercy, on the eastern side of Paris.

You’ll find them the lawns that frame the entrance to the Passerelle Simone-De-Beauvoir.

This footbridge links the park to the Bibliothèque Nationale de France.

They were placed there permanently in 2001 to symbolise the Rights of the Child of the World at the dawn of the 21st century.

Rachid Khimoune sculpted the 21 Children of the World.

The French artist of Algerian origins studied at the prestigious Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris.

He created these sculptures out of textures and material found in the streets (pieces of broken asphalt, pavement and manhole covers among others).

Khimoune’s aim was to symbolise the 21st Century and make people aware of the environment in which the future generations will grow up.

The contemporary and unusual sculptures were (and are still) subject to controversy.

They more or less resemble Red Indian totems, and sadly most are today covered in graffiti!

It seems as if the young generations are not under their charm, but art is very subjective.

Directions: 12th district – Parc de Bercy
Metro: Bercy on Line 6, 14 or Cour Saint-Emilion on Line 14
Coordinates Children of the World: Lat 48.836147 – Long 2.379439

The Children of the World by name and country

Here’s an almost complete list of their countries of origin in alphabetical order, and their names.

Children of the World - Jim - New-York
Jim – New-York

Africa – Naomie
Brazil – Antonio
Canada – Akavak
China – Mu-Nan
England – Dick
Egypt – Isis
India – Mahatma Italy – Enzo
Japan – Ayako
Kabylia – Kahina
Mexico – Felipe
Monaco – Jean-Baptiste
Morocco – Mohamed
New-York – Jim Paris – Titi
Russia – Jeanne
Saudi Arabia – Rania
Spain – Marie Carmen
Switzerland – Jean
Tunisia – Ali
Unknown – ?

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