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Pont Saint-Louis – Paris bridge – Facts

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The 1st Pont Saint-Louis

The Pont Saint-Louis is a footbridge that connects the Ile de la Cité to the Ile Saint-Louis.

The Ile Saint-Louis didn’t exist before 1614!

It was indeed formed from the merging of l’Ile aux Vaches and l’Ile Notre-Dame, two islets used for centuries as pastures.

The Ile Saint-Louis was developed between 1620 and 1650 and was known as Ile Notre-Dame until the early 18th century.

The 'newly created' island then needed to be linked to the mainland and to the Ile de la Cité!

Construction work for a wooden footbridge started in 1627.

It was built as an extension of the Quai de Bourbon and stood at an angle with the river current.

It was opened to the public in 1634.

It remained in use until the winter of 1709, when it was swept away by ice blocks carried by the Seine!

The footbridge that replaced it in 1717 was painted red and became obviously known as Pont Rouge!

It was demolished in 1795.

Pont Saint-Louis, a footbridge between Ile de la Cité and Ile St-Louis

The engineer Dumoustier rebuilt a two-arch wooden footbridge (but not on the site of the Pont Rouge)!

The 70m long by 10m wide footbridge Pont Saint-Louis was inaugurated in 1804.

However, it was rebuilt four times between 1804 and 1940!

It was indeed demolished a first time in 1811, then replaced with a suspension bridge in 1842.

This footbridge lasted 20 years.

It was replaced by a single-arch metal footbridge that remained in service until 1939.

In 1941, it gave way to a footbridge that resembled a metal cage!

The current Pont Saint-Louis was inaugurated in 1970.

This single-arch metal footbridge is 67m long and 16m wide .

It is also one of the most popular bridges of Paris.

It indeed allows people to stroll freely from the Ile de la Cité to the Ile Saint-Louis and boasts prime views of the two islands.

It is also very popular with street artists.

You'll always find singers, musicians and acrobats entertaining the crowds during the tourist season.

Metro: Pont-Marie on Line 7 or Cité on Line 4
Coordinates: Lat 48.852788 - Long 2.352802

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