Miroir aux Fees – Fairies’ Mirror

Miroir aux Fees is in Tréhorenteuc, on the edge of the Forêt de Brocéliande, the setting of the Arthurian Legend.

Miroir aux Fees in Broceliande
Miroir aux Fees in Broceliande

Tréhorenteuc, La Porte du Dedans – The Door from Within, is a stone throw from the Val-Sans-Retour – Valley of no Return.

The Miroir aux Fees (Fairies’ Mirror) is a large lake nestled in the deep of the forest, at one end of the Val-Sans-Retour.

The forest is so dense that the breeze never reaches the lake.

Its surface therefore remains perfectly still and reflects the surrounding trees and sky in the manner of a mirror – miroir.

Legend has it that seven sisters fairies, who vowed to never go up to the surface in daytime in order to avoid mortals, once inhabited the lake.

However, the youngest fairy broke her vow and fell in love with a young knight who hunted by the lake.

Her sisters eventually discovered her little secret and set off to catch and killed the young man.

Miroir aux Fees in Broceliande
Under the thick underwood

The young fairy soon discovered what her sisters had done, and used all her magic powers to punish them.

She cut their throats in order to recover some of their blood, which she mixed with her own blood, then threw them back in the deep of the lake.

She then rushed to the young man and poured some of this blood elixir in his mouth and revived him.

Her love for her knight was so strong that she abandoned her magic powers to become a mortal and left with him.

Her sisters’ blood kept flowing for seven days and nights; it flooded the surrounding woods and villages and dyed the soil in red.

This legend beautifully explains the red colour of the local schist.

Rocher des Faux-Amants

Val-Sans-Retour is the domain of Morgan Le Fay, the half sister of King Arthur.

Merlin the Wizard introduced her to the power of magic when he realized that she was naturally gifted.

Miroir aux Fees in Broceliande
Miroir aux Fees in Broceliande

However, Morgan was not always wise and once used her magic powers to take revenge on a young man who deceived her.

She indeed turned him and his female companion into stones when she discovered them by the edge of the Miroir des Fees.

Their stone silhouettes, since known as Rocher des Faux-Amants – False Lovers’ Rock, forever overlooks the lake.

However, the betrayed and furious Morgan was not satisfied with the punishment.

She therefore cast a spell on the entire valley and turned the trails into a labyrinth in order to prevent the unfaithful Knights who ventured in it from escaping…

Few dared to venture in the treacherous Valley of no Return!

Legend has it that the stag Cernunos guided the unfortunate few through the enchanted forest.

However, Lancelot of the Lake, the Knight with a pure heart who remained faithful to Queen Guinevere, broke the spell and delivered the Knights. Under the thick underwood

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Directions: Leave Tréhorenteuc on the D141 towards Le Vieux Quily and turn left shortly after exiting the village onto a small car park.

Directions are well indicated and you have to walk along the farm track following the brook Ruisseau du Gué de Mony. Walking shoes compulsory.
Coordinates Miroir aux Fees: Lat 48.000804 – Long -2.286401

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