Chateau de Cabrerets and its village

The Chateau de Cabrerets overlooks the confluence of the Sagne and Célé rivers.

Château de Cabrerets in the Cele Valley
Château de Cabrerets

The little village that developed around it, is a stop on the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela.

The village is also a popular summer holidays destination because of its canoeing and kayaking infrastructures and its close proximity to the famous Pech Merle cave.

Finally, the Chateau de Cabrerets, officially known as Château Gontaud-Biron de Cabrerets, is another major tourist attraction.

It was built during the 16th century, high above the village.

Once a holding of the powerful Barasc family, it passed into the Cardaillac family by marriage, then to Raymond de Gontaud, chevalier to the King.

The current owner and descendant of the Gontaud family, Philippe Sahut d’Izarn, started the restoration of the castle in 1994.

The Chateau de Cabrerets was listed Historical Monument two later.

A castle that feels like a family home

Chateau de Cabrerets
The hearth

Philippe Sahut d’Izarn and his family live in the historic rooms of their Chateau de Cabrerets.

The building therefore has the feel of a real family home, and not of a museum, as so many other castles.

It obviously benefits from modern electricity and central heating systems, however the 15 fireplaces are still used.

The rooms boast a wealth of much used, much loved everyday antic furniture.

However, none of the various items date from the 16th century.

The kitchen is one of the most surprising room of the castle.

Chateau de Cabrerets
Hole where garbage and prisoners were tossed!

The owners indeed converted an impressive vaulted downstairs room into a modern kitchen with two long refectory tables that can seat at least 30 guest!

The most intriguing feature is a hole in the floor of a dark room adjacent to the kitchen.

This hole indeed opens to the castle dungeon.

Apparently, this is where prisoners were once kept… and also where the kitchen garbage was tossed!

Department of Lot
Coordinates: Lat 44.505921 – Long 1.653864

Credits: Photos atelier434 by Melanged Magic by Evelyn Jackson – Edited by and for Travel France Online –  Wikimedia Commons: Chateau of Cabrerets

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