Saint Yorre spring water

Saint Yorre is located in the southern outskirts of Vichy in the heart of the Plain of Limagne.

The Eau de Saint Yorre has been recognized beneficial to health by the Academy of Medicine and consequently of ‘public interest’ by ministerial decree.

Saint Yorre
The spring

Its source is therefore enclosed in a ‘protected area’.

Its exceptional high mineral and trace elements content act on re-hydration.

They are also beneficial during physical exercise and recommended to ease digestion.

It has 4774 mg / l of mineral residue and is the most mineral-rich natural water.

Its high content of CO2 contributes in preserving its bacteriological purity.

It indeed comes from a deep water table, which enjoyed millennia of natural geological filtration.

Its production is strictly regulated and subject to constant quality controls as well as daily laboratory tests.

Nicolas Larbaud

A local pharmacist, Nicolas Larbaud, is at the origin of the spring’s notoriety.

In 1850 he indeed discovered the mineral qualities of the water that resurfaced on his land in the village of Saint Yorre.

He obtained the operating license in 1859 and founded the Compagnie Propriétaire des Sources Minérales de Saint Yorre.

Saint Yorre
Saint Yorre

Three years later, he received the authorization to add the label “Bassin Vichy” to his firm’s name.

Saint Yorre and Vichy spring waters are very similar, as they come from the same water table.

The popularity of the Eau de Saint-Yorre kept growing over the years.

By the end of WWI,  22 small local establishments were already authorized to bottle it.

That number rose to 140 in the decades that followed, and the popularity of the water has been growing ever since.

The carbonated natural mineral waters captured in the towns of Saint Yorre, Hauterive, St-Priest-Bramefant and St Sylvestre-Pragoulin have the same stable and identical composition.

They were therefore grouped under the label of sources “Royale” and are marketed under the brand name Saint Yorre.

The legend

The name Saint Yorre is a variation of Saint-Thierry, a monk who evangelized the area in the 6th century.

Saint-Thierry was also known as Saint-Thierre and Saint-Thioire during the 12th century.

Saint Yorre
Saint Yorre buildings

It evolved in Saint-Tiorre in the 15th century and eventually Saint-Yorre in the early 16th century, a name it has retained since.

According to legend, Saint-Thierry was born in the 5th century in the village of Aumenancourt, between a menhir (standing stone) and a sacred source!

A gifted healer, he cured King Thierry (another Thierry who was the son of Clovis) from an eye affection.

One day, Saint-Thierry saw an eagle landing and decided that this was a good omen.

He therefore founded the monastery of Mont d’Hor (in Champagne) on the spot where the bird had landed.

Department of Allier
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