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Saint-Robert – Limousin - Beautiful French Village

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Saint-Robert ranked among the most beautiful French villages

Saint-Robert is located in Limousin, at the boundary of the department of Corrèze with the Dordogne, and some 35kms northwest of Brive-la-Gaillarde.

This charming medieval village has been ranked among the Most Beautiful French Villages since 1982.

Saint-Robert is perched on a hill, 345m above sea level.

It therefore boasts prime views of the surrounding countryside.

The village initially developed around the Benedictine priory founded in 1080 by the Abbaye de La Chaise-Dieu.

This influential abbey was founded in 1043 by Robert de Turlande (Saint-Robert) under the patronage of the lords of Comborn.

Church of St. Robert

The 12th century Eglise Saint-Robert has retained, despite the passage of centuries and wars, its original transept.

The other sections date from the early 12th century.

The church was fortified during the Hundred Years War in the 14th century.

The Wars of Religion of the 16th century led to additional mutilations, among which the destruction of the nave.

It was partially restored in the early 18th century.

However, it underwent further degradation during the French Revolution, as it was transformed into a wood warehouse.

The church was in very poor condition when Prosper Merimée, the inspector-general of Historical Monuments, had it classified Historical Monument in 1843.

The architect Anatole de Baudot (who designed the stunning Art Nouveau St-Jean-de-Montmartre Church) started the restoration work in the late 1880s.

Henri Channel took over in 1895.

A picturesque village

The village boasts also a rich architectural heritage.

This includes the Château de Beauroire, Château d’Aragon, Pavillon de Noailles and Maison Séguin.

The Château de Verneuil, another landmark, flanks the 12th century fortified gate.

It has been in the Verneuil Family since 1471!

The village of Saint-Robert is also known for its annual festival of classical music.

L’Eté Musical de Saint-Robert was indeed created in 1972.

Finally, the village is also the site of an annual pilgrimage that takes place on August 15th.

Pilgrims gather by a 'magic' fountain, located below the village, at a place called Saint-Maurice.

Department of Corrèze - Limousin Region
Coordinates: Lat 45.254959 - Long 1.294282

Photos Wikimedia Commons: Fortified church - Château de Verneuil - Maison Seguin

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