Reaumur-Sebastopol Metro Station adorned with newspapers headlines

Reaumur-Sebastopol Metro station in Paris
Reaumur-Sebastopol Metro station in Paris

Reaumur-Sebastopol Metro station was fully renovated in 1980.

Its decoration consists of wall panels printed with reproductions of the spectacular headlines the most popular newspapers (Paris Soir, Le Petit Journal and L’Excelsior) printed during the Second World War.

The station is indeed located in the heart of the traditional printing district, one of the most picturesque districts of Paris.

Reaumur-Sebastopol Metro station, one of Paris’ oldest

The station is on Lines 3 and 4; the first connects Porte de Clignancourt to Mairie de Montrouge, the second Galliéni to Pont de Levallois-Bécon in the west of Paris.

The station was opened in 1904 under the name Rue Saint-Denis (one of the streets it serves) but was renamed in 1907.

Its new name pays tribute to the scientist René-Antoine Ferchault of Réaumur, and to the port of Sevastopol, which the French troops and their allies seized during the Crimean War.

Sites of interest near Reaumur-Sebastopol Metro station?

Passage du Caire, Passage du Ponceau.

At 5mn walk on Rue Réaumur will take you to the Arts and Métiers Museum, and on Boulevard Sebastopol to the Grands Boulevards.

It will take you 10mn on Rue Saint-Denis to reach the Passage du Grand Cerf and the Passage of the Bourg l’Abbé on the opposite pavement.

Directions: 2nd district
Coordinates: Lat 48.866553 Long 2.351711

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