Mort pour la France – Died for France

Mort pour la France is sadly the epitaph you find on the French War Memorials – Monument aux Morts.

Mort pour la France - War Memorial
WWI War Memoral with Clemenceau

France always celebrates Remembrance Day on November 11  to mark the end of hostilities that took place “at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month” in 1918.

November 11 is a National Day in France.

French take time out in order to commemorate lives lost for their country during WWI, WWII and the Algerian War.

Every municipality holds a ceremony, regardless of its size.

A wreath is laid and a prayer is said; then follows the two minutes of silence.

Remembrance Day 2012 in Cadrieu in the Lot

Mort pour la France - Military Tribute on Remembrance Day
Military Tribute on Remembrance Day

I attended the ceremony in little village of Cadrieu.

Villagers and expats gathered in front of the church at 11:45am, and someone read a short piece while everyone listened solemnly.

Three children then laid a wreath of flowers at the foot of the War Memorial.

The mayor then spoke a brief prayer and began slowly reading each name inscribed on the War Memorial.

After each name, the crowd intoned ‘Mort pour la France’ – ‘Died for France’.Denis Mingau… mort pour la France
Victor Vales… mort pour la France
Victorien Florac… mort pour la France
Gaston Pachim… mort pour la France
Gaston Costes… mort pour la France
Jacques Crabie… mort pour la France

War and the toll it takes on life disintegrated so many lives.

The lives of the men who fell on the battlefield obviously, but also the lives of those who remained behind.

Each family of my little village indeed lost a beloved husband, fiance, father, brother or friend.

Quercy had its share of desolation as the local French Resistance was very active fighting the occupying Germans.

The whole village remembers its Dead on November 11th.

Department of Lot
Coordinates Cadrieu: Lat 44.491186 – Long 1.880191

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