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La Petite Alsace - La Butte aux Cailles

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Cité Daviel - Early 20th century affordable housing

La Petite Alsace - Cité Daviel is nestled on the slopes of the Butte aux Cailles.

This picturesque area of the 13th district has retained a bucolic charm.

The residence's main entrance is located Rue Daviel.

This district has a traditional working-class print.

It indeed developed around the Manufacture des Gobelins, the Say sugar refinery and motor car factory Panhard.

The area located nearer the river Seine remained mostly industrial until the late 20th century, when major urban rehabilitation work was conducted.

The south of the district was more rural and attracted a modest population; mostly low middle class and pensioners.

In the early 20th century transportation and housing had become quite expensive.

Workers indeed struggled to find accommodations near their work place.

Local factories, workers cooperatives and associations therefore started to build council estates in order to provide affordable dwellings to their employees.

The Abbot Jean Viollet therefore founded L’habitation Familiale in 1912.

Cité Daviel nicknamed La Petite Alsace

He commissioned Jean Walter, an architect from the Vosges department in Alsace, with the construction of forty small individual dwellings in Rue Daviel.

The terraced council houses are all timbered and have a pointy roof.

These two features are very representative of the Alsace architecture, hence the residence's name.

They frame a 550m² rectangular courtyard landscaped with bushes and trees.

The Petite Alsace - Cité Daviel is today a private residence; it's therefore not open to the public!

However, if you are lucky a tenant might let you step inside the porch (as he or she comes out) so you can have a quick peek!

From there you'll get a good overview of the courtyard and houses.

La Petite Alsace is really a little village; it has an obsolete charm and is one of Paris' best-kept secrets.

Directions: 13th district - no10 Rue Daviel
Metro closest station: Glacière on Line 6
Coordinates: Lat 48.827802 - Long 2.346316

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