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How to get a taxi to Paris from Charles de Gaulle Airport

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Taxi from Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport to Paris

Taking a taxi from Charles de Gaulle Airport to the centre of Paris is the most expensive option.

Indeed, although Parisian cabs now apply flat rates for direct trips between the airport and Paris, you’ll still have to pay €50-55 depending of your final destination; CDG to the Rive Droite €50; CDG to the Rive Gauche €55.

That said, these flat rates apply to day and night journeys, but also to weekend, bank holidays and during the dreaded peak hours.

Luggage and animal are free for the first 4 passengers, then 4 € per additional passenger.

Pre-booking charges are €7 and immediate booking's €4.

The journey takes about 50mn, but longer during rush hours, not to mention the potential accidents, incidents or works that can block the traffic for what seems like an eternity.

That said, taxi drivers are good at taking alternative routes when necessary to get your to your destination.

Taxis are therefore an excellent option if there are 4 of you plus luggage; they are a hassle free option and will take you to the doorstep of your hotel.

Where to find a cab in Charles de Gaulle Airport?

Follow the signs 'Taxis' that take you to the taxi ranks, outside the terminals.

CDG1: Arrival Level - Exit 24
CDG 2A: Exit 6
CDG 2C: Exit 7
CDG 2D: Exit 7
CDG 2E: Arrival level - Exit 10
CDG 2F: Arrival level - Exit 10
CDG 2G: Outside the terminal
Terminal 3: Outside the terminal
Gare TGV: Level 5

Taxis Companies

Make your life easier: download the Paris taxis app from the Applestore or Google Play

Coming back to the airport; where are the taxis stands in Paris?

Alternative taxi companies: City Airport Taxis; Paris Airport Pickup; Taxis Aéroports; Taxis Forfaits

Shared taxis

This option is obviously more economical than a standard taxi.

However, be aware that your travel time will depend on where the other passengers need to be dropped off; you might, or might not, be first in line!

So, still a good option if time is not an issue.

Prior booking is compulsory and the fare is fixed and guaranteed, so no bad surprise upon arrival either!

G7sharings provides shared transport.

Private shuttles

You may consider a private shuttle if you are traveling in a group or have a lot of luggage.

Prior booking with Supershuttle is compulsory, and fare is also guaranteed and fixed in advance, but this is a guaranteed no headache option; and they've got an app.


Yes, of course, you can get an Uber from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Paris!

Assess the vehicle’s size/capacity that suits your needs.

Book your Uber once you’ve gone through immigration and are ready to leave.

Then go outside the Terminal:

CDG1, CDG 2A, 2C, 2D and 2F go to any exit on the Departure level.
CDG 2E, 2G and Terminal 3 go to any exit on the Arrival level.

Enter your terminal and gate number and wait for your driver to pick you up.

However, Uber fares are quite close to those of a standard taxi, so you'll have to work out if it works for you.

A last word

You've landed in CDG, chosen the means of transport that suits you best to get in town.

Time to explore Paris with us!

We've got dozens of articles and photos on store for you; major landmarks of course, but also a wealth of lesser known sites and areas. Ready?

N.B. Travel France Online is not responsible for the contents or services offered by the websites listed on its site

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