Ferme de la Hulotte, a goat cheese farm in the Lot

Goat cheese is one of the many specialties of the Lot.

Goat Cheese farm
Goat Cheese farm

One of my discovery excursions took me to a local farm, where I arrived in time on an open day, to see the goats being milked.

The herd gathers in the barn and the goats wait their turn in the milking room, where they line up in stations at eye level with the farmer.

He attaches an automatic milker to their udders and feels each goat in order to determine when their udder empty.

After a few minutes he detaches the milking device and the goat wanders down another ramp back to join her companions.

A series of plastic pipes collect the goat milk into a large stainless steel vat.

Goat Cheese farm
Goat cheese

The goat milk is then ready to produce the delicious AOC Rocamadour goat cheese the farmer sells every Saturday at his local market.

This goat cheese farm is part of an association of producers who are “AB” certified; the “AB” designation stands for Agriculture Biologic or BIO.

It certifies that producers adhere to a rigorous set of organic food production standards set by the EU.

Producers have also joined forces to market their special local products.

Each producer holds an open-day at his farm where he also sells his products directly to the public.

La Hulotte goat cheese farm is located in Martigné near Cajarc.

Department of Lot
Coordinates: Lat 44.484830 – Long 1.843271

Credits: Text Evelyn Jackson- Melanged Magic – Edited by and for travelfranceonline.com – Photo Wikimedia Commons: header

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