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Chateau de Plessis les Tours - Loire Valley

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Chateau de Plessis les Tours, an elegant mansion

The Chateau de Plessis les Tours is today located in La Riche district on the western outskirts of Tours.

All that is left of the original castle is an elegant red brick and stone manor-house, heavily restored during the 19th century then the second half of the 20th.

This mansion was once part of a much bigger U-shaped castle King Louis XI built during the 15th century. However, it still stands on its original foundations and has retained many architectural features despite countless restorations.

Who was King Louis XI?

The enigmatic and ruthless King Louis XI (1461-1483) made many enemies during his reign.

A fierce enemy of feudalism, he indeed made many enemies among the aristocracy of the time, when he replaced all his father's advisers by commoners.

He also devoted his entire reign regaining the big fiefdoms, either by cunning or by war, and dispossessed the Great Vassals.

His motto was Divide and Conquer.

By 1481 Louis XI had annexed Maine, Anjou, Touraine and Provence to the French Crown.

He had also inherited the rights of King René, over the Kingdom of Naples, which the Dukes of Anjou had acquired during the Crusades. However, he wisely decided not to exercise his rights.

Louis XI also seized Picardie, Artois, Bourgogne and Franche-Comté from the only daughter of the Duke of Burgundy and bought Roussillon from the Spanish king.

Louis XI eventually obtained absolute power and put an end on feudalism.

The king's domestic policy was marked by the development of trade and the industry of silk worm, the founding of the Royal Mail and the establishment of the first printing press.

Main facade

Chateau de Plessis les Tours, King Louis XI's last residence

The king was also a 'builder'!

Louis XI indeed commissioned the construction of the superb fortress of Langeais and made Tours the capital of France.

He shared his time between the old castle of Amboise and his austere Chateau de Plessis les Tours, where he eventually retired.

However, he lived his whole life in fear of being assassinated. A little paranoid, he had the castle encompassed within tall ramparts topped with iron bars and spikes. He also had a troop of bowmen stand guard at all times.

Amazingly, he died of natural causes at the Chateau de Plessis les Tours on August 30, 1483; he was 60 years old.

Plessis les Tours is definitively worth the detour when visiting the city of Tours.

Department of Indre-et-Loire - City of Tours - La Riche district
Coordinates: Lat 47.382475 - Long 0.660585

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