Chateau de Larroque Toirac, a semi-troglodyte castle

The Chateau de Larroque Toirac overlooks the Lot valley and the little village that spreads on the hillside below.

Chateau de Larroque Toirac
Chateau de Larroque Toirac and its village

A picturesque old dovecote on stilts stands along the twisty lane that goes up to the car park.

The castle was built in the 12th century, directly against the cliff and is therefore semi-troglodyte.

You can still see the holes where the beams, that once supported the roofs of the dwellings, were anchored in the rock.

Troglodyte dwellings are very common in the region.

Over the millennia, the Lot dug deep canyons in the limestone plateaus and hollowed galleries and caves.

Our distant ancestors walled these caves in order to make them secure and turned them in rock shelters.

Chateau de Larroque Toirac during the Middle Ages

The Chateau de Larroque Toirac is partially built into the cliff face.

The English seized and burned it several times during the Hundred Years War.

Chateau de Larroque Toirac
Medieval tower

However, the French rebuilt each time!

Some of its original fortifications were also altered through the centuries.

The massive round tower was indeed shortened from 30m down to 8m during the French Revolution.

One of the tower’s openings was recently restored in the shape of a heart.

This local tradition is indeed supposed to bring happiness to newly-weds!

The manor house was severely damaged in the late 18th century as it was converted into apartments.

Fortunately, its ancient kitchen and superb 16th century fireplaces and frescoes escaped destruction.

It has since been extensively restored and refurnished with a vast collection of 17th and 18th centuries furniture.

The Chateau de Larroque Toirac is a listed Historical Monument.

Department of Lot

Coordinates: Lat 44.521841 – Long 1.939782

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