Paris - Ile De France

Le Marais in Paris

Marais – Paris Historic Rive Droite

The Marais is an historic enclave of the Right Bank which has been listed as a protected area since the promulgation of the Malraux Act in 1962

Esplanade des Olympiades

Esplanade des Olympiades – Chinatown

The Olympiades district was developed in Paris Chinatown in the 13th district and is centered on the Esplanade des Olympiades and La Pagode shopping mall

La Defense - Paris

La Défense – Paris Business District

Paris La Défense, the largest purposely built business district in Europe was named after a statue commemorating the heroic defence of Paris in 1870-71

La Danse sculpture by Carpeaux - Opera de Paris

La Danse sculpture – Facade Opera Garnier

La Danse by Carpeaux, one of the sculptures adorning the Opéra Garnier facade, was considered indecent in the 19th century as it represents naked dancers

Pont des Arts and Louvre

Pont des Arts – metal footbridge – Paris

The current Pont des Arts was open in 1984 and is a faithful replica of the original early 19th century footbridge which was the 1st metal bridge in Paris

Les Arcades des Champs-Elysees entrance

Les Arcades des Champs-Elysées – Lido

Les Arcades des Champs-Elysées, a luxury indoor shopping gallery at nos76-78, is also known as Arcades du Lido, as it used to access the cabaret

Orchids nursery near Paris

Orchids nursery 20km south-east of Paris

A visit off the beaten track, 20km east of Paris, to a family of horticulturists who have grown and selected hundreds of orchids varieties for 127 years

Fleur de Lys - yellow iris

Fleur de Lys – French monarchy’s emblem

The Fleur de Lys, the official emblem of the kings of France from 1150 to 1830, is not a lily but a yellow iris represented in a stylized form

Passage du Bourg l'Abbé

Passage du Bourg l’Abbé – Covered gallery

Passage du Bourg l’Abbé, one of the few remaining covered galleries built in Paris during the 19th century, is today listed as a historic monument

Petit Cimetiere du Calvaire in Montmartre - Sacre-Coeur in the background

Petit Cimetiere du Calvaire in Montmartre

The Petit Cimetiere du Calvaire flanks the northern side of St-Pierre-de-Montmartre Church and opens once a year on November 1st since its closure in 1831

Saint-Marcel Church in Paris

Saint-Marcel – Paris patron saint

Saint-Marcel, one of the three patron saints and 9th Bishop of Paris, is known for his miracles which include defeating a dragon that terrorized the city

Sainte-Genevieve patron saint of Paris - Ste. Genevieve shrine in St. Etienne du Mont Church

Sainte-Genevieve – Paris patron saint

Sainte-Genevieve became the patron saint of Paris after encouraging the Parisians to resist and stopped Attila and his Huns from invading Paris in 451AD

Villa Seurat - Maison Quillet at No.8 by Lurçat

May 14 2020

Villa Seurat, a showcase of Modernist architecture

Villa Seurat, a showcase of the Roaring Twenties’ Modernist architecture and a Cité d’Artistes where Arthur Miller wrote Tropic of Cancer
Theatre de La Comedie Italienne in Rue de la Gaite

April 29 2020

Rue de la Gaite in Montparnasse

Rue de la Gaite in Montparnasse district, a street nicknamed Theater St. as it’s been essentially lined with entertainment halls since the 1780s
Pont de la Concorde seen from Rive Gauche

April 14 2020

Pont de la Concorde in Paris

The Pont de la Concorde links Place de la Concorde to the National Assembly and was built at the French Revolution with stones from the Bastille Fortress

March 27 2020

Garde Republicaine, Paris’ emblematic Gendarmerie force

Garde Republicaine, Paris’ emblematic Gendarmerie force renowned for its Calvary regiment, is in charge of the security of the city and the public

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