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Lacaune ewes - Grands Causses in Aveyron

Lacaune Ewes and Transhumance in Aveyron

Lacaune ewes breed’s characteristics were defined by ministerial decree of 1902, their milk is essentially used for the production of Roquefort AOC cheese

Laguiole knife with Bee

Laguiole Knife – Aubrac in Aveyron – History

Laguiole knife, exclusively produced in Aubrac and invented by P.J. Calmels who in 1829 turned the Spanish navaja into a folding knife with forced notch

Pink Garlic of Lautrec

Pink Garlic of Lautrec – Festival – Tarn

The medieval town of Lautrec is considered the capital of Pink Garlic and holds an annual festival founded by the Brotherhood of the Pink Garlic of Lautrec

Lautrec in Tarn - Lautrec seen from Colline de la Salette

Lautrec fortified village – Land of Plenty

Lautrec, the fiefdom of the Viscounts of Toulouse-Lautrec in the Land of Plenty in Tarn, a walled-village ranked among the Plus Beaux Village de France

La Gaufresenque

La Gaufresenque – Millau Roman potters village

Millau – La Gaufresenque near Millau in Aveyron, vestiges of a village of potters considered the capital of ceramics during the Gallo-Roman era

Millau viaduct seen from Peyre village

Millau Viaduct – Highest Cable-Stayed Bridge

Millau Viaduct, the highest cable-stayed bridge-road in the world, a feat of engineering created by the engineer M. Virlogeux and the architect N. Foster

Vierge des Lacs - Lake Pareloup

Lake Pareloup near Salles-Curan – Aveyron

Lake Pareloup in Levezou in Aveyron is also known as Lac de Salles-Curan, the largest lake in the Midi-Pyrénées region and the 5th largest lake in France

Place Raynaldy in Rodez

Rodez Historic Episcopal City – Rouergue

Rodez in Aveyron, the former capital of the historic Rouergue, a dual city divided between the Bishops and the Counts of Rodez and a fortified cathedral

Roquefort cheese

Roquefort – Blue Cheese Ewe’s Milk Aveyron

Roquefort, a blue cheese from Aveyron exclusively produced from Lacaune ewes’ milk and ripened in the caves of the Combalou Cliff in Roquefort sur Soulzon

St Affrique - Vieux Pont and river Sorgues

St Affrique – Former walled city – Aveyron

St Affrique in Aveyron, a former walled city on the banks of the Sorgues, fortified during the Hundred Years War and pulled down during the Wars of Religion

Statues-Menhirs - Aveyron

Statues-Menhirs Aveyron – Carved Monoliths

The Lady of Saint-Sernin, one of the Statues Menhirs of Aveyron, the first-life size sculptures of human beings carved 5000 years ago during the Copper Age

Knights Templar Commanderies in Aveyron - La Cavalerie

Knights Templar Commanderies in Aveyron History

The five Knights Templar Commanderies in Aveyron are Sainte-Eulalie-de-Cernon, La Cavalerie, La Couvertoirade, Le Viala-du-Pas-de-Jaux and St-Jean-d’Alcas

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Chateau de Montal - Renaissance facades and seen from the formal garden

April 30 2019

Chateau de Montal, a Renaissance masterpiece in Quercy

Chateau de Montal, a Renaissance masterpiece built by a woman and returned to its past grandeur by the industrialist and patron of the arts Maurice Fenaille
Dolmen de Martignes in Beduer - Lot

April 26 2019

Dolmen de Martignes and Cloup de Coutze

Dolmen de Martignes and Dolmen du Cloup of Coutze, the most famous of the 12 dolmens listed in Beduer, a village of Quercy along St. James Way
Gouffre de Saint-Sauveur- Emeral waters of the resurgence of the river Ouysse

April 23 2019

Gouffre de Saint-Sauveur – Ouysse River’s resurgence

The Gouffre de Saint-Sauveur is a basin of emerald water nestled in the lush greenery where the river Ouysse resurfaces near the village of Calès in the Lot
Chateau des Anglais, also known as Chateau Fort de La Roque d'Autoire

April 19 2019

Chateau des Anglais or Chateau Fort de La Roque d’Autoire

Chateau des Anglais - Chateau Fort de La Roque d’Autoire, the troglodyte fort the lords of Turenne built at the border of the Auvergne and Toulouse counties
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