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Ronde des Primeurs in Gaillac

Ronde des Primeurs – Wine Festival Gaillac

La Ronde des Primeurs, the four-day annual Gaillac wine festival in Tarn, is held on the 3rd weekend in November for the release of the newly pressed wine

Goat Cheese farm

Goat Cheese Farm – quintessential Quercy

A visit to a goat cheese farm in Quercy, a farm adhering to the ‘AB’ label that certifies rigorous set of organic food production standards set by the EU

Mort pour la France - War Memorial

Mort pour la France – Remembrance Day

Mort pour la France – Dead for France, a moving epitaph that follows the names of all the Fallen who are remembered on each French War Memorial

St. Christophe in Sainte Marie-Madeleine Church in Belcastel

Sainte Marie-Madeleine Church – Belcastel

Sainte Marie-Madeleine, a church dedicated to Mary Magdalene and located in Belcastel, a village in Aveyron ranked among the Plus Beaux Villages de France

Pastel plant - isatis tinctoria

Pastel – Woad – Isatis tinctoria – Facts

The production of Pastel, a wonderful blue dye that founded the fortunes of some of the principal cities of southwest France, revived after years of decline

Gaillac wine festival brotherhoods

Gaillac Wine Festival in Tarn department

Gaillac Wine Festival in Tarn, a giant 48-hour wine party held during the second weekend in August to promote the delicious Gaillac AOC wines

Bishop palace's former gardens in Albi

Albi – Capital of the Land of Plenty – Tarn

Albi, the capital of the Land of Plenty and heart of the Albigensian heresy, today boasts the stunning Ste-Cecile Cathedral and Toulouse Lautrec Museum

Gaillac wine - rosé

Gaillac Wine – Appellation and Vineyards

Gaillac Wine, produced in the Tarn area in southwest France, granted an AOC in 1938 and considered one of the best kept secrets in the wine-growing industry

Along the Aveyron River in Belcastel

Belcastel – Beautiful villages in France

Belcastel, a medieval village nestled in a steep valley on a hairpin curve of the Aveyron River and ranked among France’s most beautiful villages

Sainte Foy Feast Day in Conques - Dignitaries gather before the procession

Sainte Foy Feast Day – Conques – Aveyron

The celebration of Sainte Foy Feast Day in Conques in Aveyron, a tiny medieval village whose abbey church has been listed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO

Conques - Sainte Foy being blessed by the hand of God

Conques – Medieval village – Abbey Church

The medieval village of Conques and Sainte-Foy Abbey Church in Aveyron, a traditional stopover for pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela in Spain

Chateau de Cabrerets

Chateau de Cabrerets – Cele Valley – Lot

The Chateau de Cabrerets in the Célé Valley, officially known as Chateau Gontaud-Biron de Cabrerets, and still owned by a descendant of Raymond de Gontaud

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Chateau de Montal - Renaissance facades and seen from the formal garden

April 30 2019

Chateau de Montal, a Renaissance masterpiece in Quercy

Chateau de Montal, a Renaissance masterpiece built by a woman and returned to its past grandeur by the industrialist and patron of the arts Maurice Fenaille
Dolmen de Martignes in Beduer - Lot

April 26 2019

Dolmen de Martignes and Cloup de Coutze

Dolmen de Martignes and Dolmen du Cloup of Coutze, the most famous of the 12 dolmens listed in Beduer, a village of Quercy along St. James Way
Gouffre de Saint-Sauveur- Emeral waters of the resurgence of the river Ouysse

April 23 2019

Gouffre de Saint-Sauveur – Ouysse River’s resurgence

The Gouffre de Saint-Sauveur is a basin of emerald water nestled in the lush greenery where the river Ouysse resurfaces near the village of Calès in the Lot
Chateau des Anglais, also known as Chateau Fort de La Roque d'Autoire

April 19 2019

Chateau des Anglais or Chateau Fort de La Roque d’Autoire

Chateau des Anglais - Chateau Fort de La Roque d’Autoire, the troglodyte fort the lords of Turenne built at the border of the Auvergne and Toulouse counties
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