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Millau Viaduct seen from Peyre

Peyre troglodyte medieval village – Aveyron

Peyre, a semi-troglodyte village perched on a cliff overlooking the Viaduct of Millau over the river Tarn and ranked among the Beaux Villages de France

Plateau du Levezou

Plateau du Levezou – Central Aveyron

The Plateau du Levezou is a region of lakes and wind farms that produce hydroelectricity and renewal energy that amount to over 5% of national energy

Fenaille Museum - Lady of Saint-Sernin statue-menhir

Fenaille Museum – Hôtel de Jouéry – Rodez

The Fenaille Museum of Rodez was founded in the Hôtel de Jouéry and is primarily dedicated to the archaeology and history of Rouergue

Montlaur on the bank of the Dourdou River

Montlaur village – Rougier de Camares

Montlaur, a picturesque and historical village located in the fertile Dourdou Valley in the Rougier de Camares and inhabited since ancient times

Rougier de Camares - Soil saturated with iron dioxide

Rougier de Camares – Southern Aveyron

Rougier of Camares, a vast region of Southern Aveyron that owes the red colour of its landscapes to the large amounts of iron oxide present in its soil

Priory and Eglise Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul de Toulongergues

Eglise Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul de Toulongergues

The pre-Romanesque Eglise Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul de Toulongergues near Villeneuve d’Aveyron, is one of the oldest churches in Western Europe

Icones in Pessales Russian Orthodox Chapel

Pessales Russian Orthodox Chapel – Sylvanes

Pessales Russian Orthodox Chapel near Sylvanes Abbey, built in Russia, transported by train and re-assembled in Pessales by the young Russians who buil it

Giroussens Contemporary Ceramics Market

Giroussens Contemporary Ceramics Market

Giroussens Contemporary Ceramics Market is held every 1st weekend of June, and showcases an industry the Romans introduced in the Tarn some 2000 years ago

Pounti, a traditional dessert from Central France

Pounti – Traditional Recipe from Cantal

Pounti, a traditional sucre-sale dish from Cantal and Aveyron in Southern Auvergne, prepared with mincemeat, chard leaves, flour, eggs, milk and prunes

traveling to quercy from the uk -Cahors - Pont Valentré

Traveling to Quercy from the UK

Traveling to Quercy from the UK by air, land and sea is easy despite the distance as the area is served by 2 airports, good rail, road and ferry networks

Traveling to Aveyron from the UK

Traveling to Aveyron from the UK

Traveling to Aveyron from the UK by means of air, rail and road is easy as the region is served by 2 airports, and extensive railway and road networks

Najac Castle

Najac medieval fortress – Aveyron – Rouergue

The fortress of Najac in Aveyron where Richard the Lionheart signed a treaty of alliance with Alphonse of Aragon to strengthen his hold over Aquitaine

Chateau de Montal - Renaissance facades and seen from the formal garden

April 30 2019

Chateau de Montal, a Renaissance masterpiece in Quercy

Chateau de Montal, a Renaissance masterpiece built by a woman and returned to its past grandeur by the industrialist and patron of the arts Maurice Fenaille
Dolmen de Martignes in Beduer - Lot

April 26 2019

Dolmen de Martignes and Cloup de Coutze

Dolmen de Martignes and Dolmen du Cloup of Coutze, the most famous of the 12 dolmens listed in Beduer, a village of Quercy along St. James Way
Gouffre de Saint-Sauveur- Emeral waters of the resurgence of the river Ouysse

April 23 2019

Gouffre de Saint-Sauveur – Ouysse River’s resurgence

The Gouffre de Saint-Sauveur is a basin of emerald water nestled in the lush greenery where the river Ouysse resurfaces near the village of Calès in the Lot
Chateau des Anglais, also known as Chateau Fort de La Roque d'Autoire

April 19 2019

Chateau des Anglais or Chateau Fort de La Roque d’Autoire

Chateau des Anglais - Chateau Fort de La Roque d’Autoire, the troglodyte fort the lords of Turenne built at the border of the Auvergne and Toulouse counties
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