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Perigord-Limousin Regional Nature Park - Saut Chalard in winter

Perigord-Limousin Regional Nature Park

Perigord-Limousin Regional Nature Park, one of two regional nature parks in Limousin, created in 1998 to protect and promote the regions’ natural heritage

Pierres Jaumatres

Pierres Jaumatres stone clusters – Limousin

Pierres Jaumatres, clusters of eccentric rocks formations located west of Montluçon and produced by ice and rain erosion during the Quaternary Period

Ruines des Cars

Ruines des Cars – Millevaches – Limousin

Ruines des Cars, a Gallo-Roman archaeological site consisting of a villa and a temple built in the 1st century AD on the Plateau de Millevaches in Limousin

Plateau de Millevaches - River Vienne in Tarnac

Plateau de Millevaches and Park – Limousin

Plateau de Millevaches, the highest area in Limousin with an altitude ranging from 500m to 900m, is today part of the Regional Natural Park of Millevaches

Chalus Chabrol Castle

Chalus-Chabrol Castle – Richard the Lionheart

Chalus-Chabrol, a medieval castle at the crossroads of ancient roads and historic territories, and the site where Richard the Lionheart was fatally wounded


Collonges-la-Rouge – Red sandstone village

Collonges-la-Rouge in Limousin, a medieval town of turreted houses built with local blazing red sandstone, ranked among the Plus Beaux Villages de France

Aubusson Tapestry - Le Printemps by Jean Lurcat - wool - 1946

Aubusson – Tapestry – Facts – Limousin

Aubusson in Limousin, a city world famous for its tapestry developed during the 14th century by the Flemish weavers who settled along the river Creuse

Black truffle from Perigord

Black Truffle from Perigord – Dordogne

You can recognize a genuine Black Truffle from Perigord for its unique black colour and incomparable woody and earthy aromas with musky notes

Bergerac wines - white

Bergerac Wines – Appellations – Vineyards

Bergerac wines are classified into 13 white and red AOC produced in 90 villages spread around Bergerac in the department of Dordogne in Southwest France

Pierre aux Neuf Gradins

Pierre aux Neuf Gradins – Soubrebost – Limousin

Pierre aux Neuf Gradins in the Creuse, a cluster of granite boulders formed by erosion and carved by men, whose unknown origin has triggered many legends

Limoges porcelain - Peony pattern

Limoges porcelain and Renoir’s Birthplace

Limoges, the capital of Limousin world famous for its production of fine china, is also the birthplace of the Impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Lac de Vassiviere - Royere de Vassiviere

Lac de Vassiviere – Millevaches – Limousin

Lac de Vassiviere, France’s largest man-made lake in the Millevaches Regional Natural Park, a region of lush pine forests in Limousin

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Troglodyte dwellings by the Castle of Commarque

October 18 2019

Commarque, an emblematic castle of Périgord

The ruins of Commarque, an emblematic castle that belonged to the barons of Beynac and lords of Commarque, are slowly restored after 3 centuries of oblivion
Marais de la Seudre in Mornac

September 23 2018

Mornac-sur-Seudre – France’s most beautiful villages

Mornac-sur-Seudre, former fishing and trading port in the vast estuary of the river Seudre, is today ranked among the most beautiful villages of France
Poitevin Marsh waterway

May 30 2018

Poitevin Marsh, the Green Venice

Poitevin Marsh, the second largest wetland in France, is known as Green Venice, a lush green marsh you discover by punts that gently glide on man-made waterways nestled under the tree canopies
Castel Merle prehistoric site valley

April 13 2018

Castel Merle prehistoric site in Sergeac – Dordogne

Castel Merle prehistoric site in Dordogne has been continuously inhabited for 83,000 years and boasts the highest concentration of prehistoric habitats in Europe
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