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Traveling to Normandy from the UK

Traveling to Normandy from the UK

Traveling to Normandy from the UK by air, rail and road is easy as the region is served by 2 airports, 3 ferry links and railway and road networks

Orval chariot burial monument on roundabout near Coutances

Orval Chariot Burial – Manche – Normandie

The Orval chariot burial in Normandy, the grave of a high-ranked Gallic warrior buried in the 3rd century BC with his two-wheeled chariot and two horses

Falaise Castle fortifications

Falaise – William the Conqueror’s Birthplace

Chateau de Falaise in Normandie, also known as Chateau Guillaume-le-Conquerant as it was the birthplace of William II Duke of Normandy and King of England

Pavillon Fleuri in Evreux

Evreux County and Bishopric – Normandie

Evreux, the seat of the County and Bishopric of Evreux, an influential historic city that is now the prefecture of the department of Eure in Haute Normandie

Port of Honfleur

Honfleur – port – seaside resort – Normandy

Honfleur, one of the most picturesque harbours on the Côte Fleurie in Normandy, and a source of inspiration for the 19th century Impressionist painters

Les Vaches Noires - Houlgate

Houlgate – seaside resort – Basse-Normandie

Houlgate, a seaside resort on the Côte Fleurie in Normandy, developed in the mid 19th century as an extension of the small fishing village of Beuzeval

The Strand in Cabourg

Cabourg – seaside resort – Basse-Normandie

Cabourg, on the Côte Fleurie in Normandy, an elegant family seaside resort once frequented by French writers and today home to a renowned Book Fair

Trouville-sur-Mer - Port and fish market

Trouville-sur-Mer – seaside resort – Normandy

Trouville-sur-mer, one of the trendiest, most elegant and authentic seaside resorts on the Côte Fleurie, the coastline of Pays d’Auge in Basse-Normandy

Parasols on the beach in Deauville

Deauville seaside resort – Basse-Normandie

Deauville, a luxury and trendy seaside resort in Normandie, home to the annual American Film Festival that attracts celebrities from all around the world

Cows on the Cote Fleurie

Cote Fleurie – Calvados coastline – Normandy

Cote Fleurie, a coastline stretching along the Pays d’Auge region in Lower Normandy and named after the green and flowery countryside and seaside resorts

Fontaine du Gros Horloge in Rouen

Rouen – Capital of Haute Normandie

Rouen, the former seat of the Exchequer and prominent city of the Duchy of Normandy, is today a dynamic port and the influential capital of Haute Normandie

Jumieges Abbey

Jumieges Abbey – Seine-Maritime – Normandie

Jumieges Abbey, one of the oldest and most influential Benedictine monasteries in Normandy, was turned in a stone and wood quarry at the French Revolution

Christian Dior collections Louvre 2017 exhibition

September 24 2020

Christian Dior, a famous inhabitant of Granville

Christian Dior was born in Granville, a coastal town of Cotentin in Normandy where his childhood home is now a museum dedicated to his creations
Port of Le Havre by Eugene Boudin

September 6 2020

Eugene Boudin, the painter of Normandy beaches

Eugene Boudin, a sailor's son who became one of the great Masters of Normandy seascapes and beach scenes and a precursor of Impressionism
Maison de Monet in Giverny

August 15 2020

Maison de Monet and gardens in Giverny

Maison de Monet in Giverny, the house and gardens the Impressionist Master transformed into a work of art and where he lived and painted for 43 years
Beny-sur-mer Canadian war cemetery - Stone of Remembrance during the 75th Anniversary commemorations

November 11 2019

Beny-sur-mer Canadian War Cemetery near Juno Beach

Beny-sur-mer Canadian War Cemetery, the burial-place of the soldiers who fell on Juno Beach and in the first days of the Battle of Normandy
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