Hauts de France

Medieval town of Rue in the Baie de Somme

Rue – Medieval town – Somme – Picardie

The medieval Rue by the Bay of Somme, a former pilgrimage known for its Miraculous Crucifix, is today renown for its belfry listed on UNESCO World Heritage

Napoleon statue in Craonne

Napoleon statue – Bataille de Craonne 1814

The Aisne Tourist Board commissioned the creation of Napoleon statue to commemorate the Battle of Craonne, which took place on March 7, 1814

Monument des Marie-Louise at the farm of Hurtebise - Chemin des Dames

Monument des Marie-Louise – Hurtebise – Chemin des Dames

The Monument des Marie-Louise is located by the Ferme d’Hurtebise on the Chemin des Dames in the Aisne and commemorates the Battles of 1814 and 1914

traveling to the wwi battlefields from the uk - Thiepval Memorial to the Missing

Traveling to the WWI Battlefields from the UK

Traveling to the WWI Battlefields from the UK by means of sea and land is very easy as the area is served by regular ferry crossings and rail-road networks

Battle of Agincourt - Archer silhouette

Battle of Agincourt – Hundred Years War

Battle of Agincourt, 25/10/1415, one of the worst French military defeats, saw 18000 knights and men defeated by the 5000 Welsh archers of the English Army

Cerny-en-Laonnois German War Cemetery

Cerny-en-Laonnois German War Cemetery – WWI

The Cerny-en-Laonnois German War Cemetery was opened in 1925 by the Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge to bury the men who died on the Chemin des Dames

Cerny-en-Laonnois French War Cemetery and Memorial Chapel

Cerny-en-Laonnois French War Cemetery – WWI

The Cerny-en-Laonnois French War Cemetery was opened between 1919 and 1925 to bury the men who died during the Battle of the Chemin des Dames

Cerny-en-Laonnois Memorial Chapel

Cerny-en-Laonnois – Chemin des Dames – Aisne

The WWI Memorial Chapel of the Chemin des Dames, Lantern of the Dead and British Memorial Column were erected in the village Cerny-en-Laonnois in the Aisne

Belle-Epoque architecture in Mers-les-Bains

Mers-les-Bains seaside resort – Opal Coast

Mers-les-Bains seaside resort is located on the Opal Coast in Picardie and pooled with Le Tréport an Eu, and is renown for its Belle Epoque architecture

Calais city hall

Calais port and citadel – Historical facts

Calais, a port and citadel saved from destruction by the Bourgeois de Calais, the local notables who handed over the city’s keys to the English king in 1347

Opal Coast at Wimereux

Opal Coast – Cote d’Opale – Pas-de-Calais

Opal Coast, the 120kms long Pas-de-Calais and Picardie coastline, that spreads from Dunkerque near Belgium, to Mers-les-Bains at the boundary with Normandie

La Targette British Cemetery

La Targette British Cemetery – Neuville-Saint-Vaast

La Targette British Cemetery was opened in Neuville-Saint-Vaast to bury the soldiers who fell while attacking Vimy Ridge during the Battle of Arras in 1917

Saint-Quentin National Necropolis

October 23 2018

Saint-Quentin National Necropolis – French Military Cemetery

Saint-Quentin National Necropolis, a WWI French military cemetery where the soldats who fell during the fights of August 1914 and October 1918 are buried
Connaught Cemetery entrance

October 23 2018

Connaught Cemetery – Commonwealth Cemetery – Thiepval

Connaught Cemetery, a Commonwealth Cemetery open in 1916 at the edge of Thiepval Wood where the British lines were positioned during the Battle of the Somme
Mill Road Cemetery - flat gravestones

October 23 2018

Mill Road Cemetery – Commonwealth Cemetery – Thiepval

Mill Road Cemetery, a Commonwealth Cemetery open in 1917 to bury the soldiers who fell at Beaumont-Hamel and Thiepval during the Battle of the Somme

August 22 2016

Picardie former administrative region

Picardie is located in north-west France, and is now part of Hauts de Seine - Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie, one of the 13 new regions created in January 2016
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