Grand Est

Douaumont, Village Detruit - Douaumont before WWI

Douaumont – Destroyed village – Verdun WWI

Douaumont, a village entirely destroyed during the Battle of Verdun, never rebuilt, declared ‘Dead for France’ and kept in its war state as a Memorial

Fleury-devant-Douaumont, Village Detruit - French Poilu wooden statue

Fleury-devant-Douaumont – Destroyed village – Verdun WWI

Fleury-devant-Douaumont in the Meuse, a village that was completely destroyed during WWI, but was never rebuilt and kept in its war state as a memorial

Fort of Douaumont - Observatory

Fort of Douaumont – Battle of Verdun – WWI

The Fort of Douaumont was built 1885 and disarmed in 1915 as outdated, but remained a target for the Germans due to its central position on the Verdun front

Bayonet Trench in Douaumont near Verdun - Trench protected by the concrete memorial building

Bayonet Trench in Douaumont – Verdun WWI

Bayonet Trench near the Douaumont Ossuary, a Memorial to the French soldiers buried alive in their trench on June 12, 1916 during the Battle of Verdun

Abri 320 in Verdun

Abri 320 – Underground shelter Douaumont – WWI

Abri 320, built in 1891, located at the foot of the Douaumont Ossuary – National Cemetery and used as a command post and underground shelter during WWI

Douaumont Ossuary - Cloitre

Douaumont Ossuary and Cemetery – Verdun – WWI

Douaumont Ossuary and National Cemetery were open on the site of the Battle of Verdun to receive the remains of 146,142 soldiers who died there during WWI

Sacred Way - Voie Sacree Memorial - - Frieze depicting Locomotive and workmen- Fireze depicting Locomotive and workmen

Sacred Way – Voie Sacree – Verdun – Meuse

The historic Sacred Way – Voie Sacree was the main communication road to the front and the logistics and strategic center of the Battle of Verdun during WWI

Monument aux Enfants de Verdun Morts pour la France

Verdun Citadel in Meuse – Lorraine – WWI

Citadel of Verdun, a major garrison town located near the German border, and the epicentre of the battle of 1916, one of the deadliest battles of WWI

Chateau de Haut-Kœnigsbourg overlooking the Plain of Alsace

June 23 2019

Chateau de Haut-Kœnigsbourg, Alsace’s gem

The Chateau de Haut-Kœnigsbourg, an impressive medieval fortress restored by Emperor Wilhelm II and one of Alsace’s architectural gems
The stork that delivers babies - Storks nest on a platform

June 16 2019

The stork that delivers babies, an Alsatian legend

The stork that delivers babies is an Alsatian legend that evolved from ancient myths found in several variations throughout most European mythologies
La Petite Venise district in Colmar

June 13 2019

La Petite Venise, Colmar’s historic district

La Petite Venise, the medieval district of Colmar, developed beyond the city’s fortifications, on a vast marsh crossed by the river Lauch and its aflluents
Timber framed houses and flowers in Eguisheim

September 8 2018

Eguisheim, a world famous Alsace village

Eguisheim, a medieval city in the heart of the Alsace vineyard, one of the most beautiful villages in France and the French's favourite village in 2013

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