Fete des Paniers de Montsalvy

Fete des Paniers de Montsalvy – Baskets Festival

Fete des Paniers de Montsalvy, an annual basketry festival that takes place the last Saturday of July, and aims at reviving and promoting Cantal traditions

Nothing has really changed in the traditional production of charcoal

Charcoal-burners – Auvergne Charbonniers

Charcoal burning was a traditional activity in Auvergne, a region of Central France known for its extensive forests of oaks, beech and softwood

Quintessential Chataigneraie Cantalienne

Chataigneraie region in Cantal – A discovery tour

The southwest of the department of Cantal is known as La Chataigneraie, a region of rolling hills traditionally dedicated to the culture of chestnut trees

Notre-Dame-de-France statue in Puy-en-Velay

Notre-Dame-de-France statue – Puy-en-Velay

Notre-Dame-de-France statue, a monumental Virgin overlooking Le Puy-en-Velay in Auvergne, and cast from the bronze of the canons seized at Sebastopol

Tissu Vichy

Tissu Vichy – Checkered woven fabric

Tissu Vichy, a French checkered cotton fabric known as gingham in English, a pattern Brigitte Bardot made trendy when she used it for her wedding dress

Pastilles de Vichy

Pastilles de Vichy – Lozenges with digestive properties

Pastilles de Vichy, white octagonal lozenges produced from the mineral waters of the spa town of Vichy in Auvergne and known for their digestive properties

Vichy-Celestins entrance

Vichy-Celestins – mineral water source – Auvergne

Vichy-Celestins is a naturally carbonated mineral water that springs in the park of the former Couvent des Celestins in the spa town of Vichy in Auvergne

Traveling to Auvergne from the UK

Traveling to Auvergne from the UK

Traveling to Auvergne from the UK by means of air, land and sea is easy as the region is served by one airport, excellent rail and road networks

Solitary fairy chimney of Cotteuges

Fairy Chimney – Cheminee des Fees de Cotteuges

The fairy chimney of Cotteuges in Auvergne, a column of clay protected from millennia of erosion by a block of lava projected during a volcanic eruption

Grottes de Jonas

Grottes de Jonas – Ancient troglodyte village

The Grottes de Jonas, a troglodyte village with its chapel and manor-house built into the cliff, and occupied from ancient times until the French Revolution

Tarte a la bouillie

Tarte a la Bouillie – Dessert Recipe – Auvergne

Recipe for Tarte a la Bouillie, a traditional Auvergne dessert, a sweet milk-based custard cream baked in the oven on a short crust or puff pastry base

Traditional bugnes

Bugnes – French Fritters Recipe – Mardi Gras

Recipe for French Bugnes, the fritters that used to be prepared on Mardi Gras with all the leftovers of fat that couldn’t be consumed during Lent

Picturesque village of Auzon, Petite Cité de Caractère in Auvergne

November 15 2019

Auzon, Petite Cité de Caractère in Auvergne

Auzon, a picturesque medieval town of Auvergne boasts an exceptional heritage that earned it the ranking of Petite Cité de Caractère
The Pont du Diable's largest arch - Saint-André-de-Chalencon i

March 17 2019

Pont du Diable medieval bridge in Chalencon

The Lord of Chalencon built the Pont du Diable – Devil’s Bridge in the 10th century to ease the transport of goods between his castle and the Rhône Valley
Chateau de Herisson

March 14 2019

Herisson, a medieval walled village ranked ‘small town of character’

Herisson, a picturesque medieval village nestled at the foot of the vestiges of the castle of the Dukes of Bourbon and ranked 'small city of character'
Puy de Sancy - Les Monts Dore

March 11 2019

Les Monts Dore, ancient volcanoes of the Massif Central

Les Monts Dore, a group of ancient volcanoes in the heart of the Massif Central, whose highest peak, Puy de Sancy, is France’s highest volcano

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