Fontaine de Jouvence in Brocéliande

The Fontaine de Jouvence is nestled in a little clearing, in the northern part of the magical Forêt de Brocéliande.

Fontaine de Jouvence
Unassuming spring but sacred to the Druids

The Fountain of the Eternal Youth is a stone’s throw from the Tombeau de Merlin.

You can therefore visit both site at once.

However, you have to follow a path that takes you through moors and wood for about 300m.

The locals will tell you that “you will find it if you know what to look for!”

However, you might be disappointing when you eventually reach it.

The magical   Fontaine de Jouvence is indeed no more than a modest spring nestled along the path.

Fountain of Eternal Youth

Don’t be mistaken though, as the Fontaine de Jouvence was a major Celtic sacred site.

Fontaine de Jouvence
Fontaine de Jouvence

The spring is natural, but the fountain was man-made!

Indeed, those who built it carried large stones halfway up the hill and disposed them in order to shape the fountain like a seat.

They also carved stairs that go down to the spring, and planted trees, mainly oaks, around it.

Common people of the time, who would have come from the valley to see the fountain and would have clearly seen the spring flowing out of its rocks, as per magic!

The fountain was indeed the site where their druids conducted religious ceremonies during the equinoxes and solstices.

Fontaine de Jouvence
Fontaine de Jouvence

Each year on the Summer solstice, they would lit a fire by the fountain and would proceed the registration of the newborns of the year.

However, those who couldn’t be present on the year of their birth, were registered as ‘newly born’ the following year, when they were already 1 year old!

The druids bathed the infants in the water of the Fontaine de Jouvence (in the manner of a Christian baptism) then registered them on their marith.

The water of the Fontaine de Jouvence is since known as giving eternal youth to those who drink it!

The magical fountain was listed Historical Monument in 1934 under the name of Fontaine de la Fée Viviane.

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Department of Ille-et-Vilaine
Directions: You’ll find it halfway between the towns of St-Péran and Concoret, at the junction of the D71 and D59, near La Ville Moisan and Etang de la Marette (it is signed). Follow D2 until you find a small car park to the left. Cross the road and follow the track across the moors then into the forest for about 200m. Walking shoes compulsory.
Coordinates: Lat 48.080414 – Long -2.110255

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