Cour du Commerce Saint Andre


Gallery with glass roof

The Cour du Commerce Saint Andre links no130 Boulevard St-Germain to no59 rue Saint-André-des-Arts.

Its third entrance is at no21 rue de l’Ancienne Comédie.

The main section of the 120m long by 3,5m wide passage is in the open-air.

Its entrance porch cuts through a building on Boulevard Saint-Germain.

Its section exiting on rue Saint-André-des-Arts is covered with a glass-roof.

This covered section is separated from the open-air passage by a metal grid.

The Cour du Commerce Saint Andre was opened in 1776.

It runs through the site of the  former Jeu de Paume or tennis courts of the Hôtel de Rohan, the Parisian mansion of the Bishop of Rouen in Normandy.

The Cour du Commerce Saint Andre also follows a section of the perimeter wall built by King Philippe-Auguste in the late 12th century.


A picturesque open air passage

Many buildings bordering it therefore contain vestiges of this rampart.

Some of the vestiges are quite extensive.

They are all listed Historical Monuments but are not visible.

They are indeed located on private properties.

The Cour du Commerce Saint Andre was known as Cour du Commerce until 1877.

It is among the few passages that have retained their original cobblestones.

The shops’ facades, windows and roofs, the passage’s three entrances and the glass-roof were listed Historical Monuments in 1987.


Café Procope and Relais Odéon

The passage’s old fashioned shops and cafes are all a pure delight to look at.

However, but two stand out, the Café Procope and the Relais Odéon.


Relais Odéon – Bistro 1900

Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli, a young nobleman from Palermo in Sicily, founded the Café Procope in the 17th century.

The establishment is officially considered the first Parisian Café.

You will easily recognize its navy and dark red facade in the Cour du Commerce Saint Andre.

The other landmark of the passage is the Relais Odéon also known as Bistro 1900.

It is located next to the entrance on Boulevard Saint-Germain.

The building has kept its superb Art Nouveau style facade, which is now listed.

Take the time of sitting down at its terrace for a café crème

Unless you decide in favour of lunch at Le Procope’s where you might recognize someone famous…

Directions: 6th district
Metro station: Odéon on Lines 4 & 10

Coordinates and map Cour du Commerce Saint Andre: Lat 48.853039 – Long 2.339085